I’ve been fortunate enough to work in a number of teaching roles including time spent as a statistical consultant, teaching assistant, and primary instructor. The sites below are used in courses for which I’ve been, or am currently, part of the instructional team. In all cases the materials are password protected; students will be given access to the course sites, and subsequent materials, on the first day of the course.


Undergraduate Sociology Courses

Graduate Sociology Courses



Teaching Materials:

I’m in the process of developing various teaching materials for courses on research methods and statistics. Currently, I have a number of introductory videos on the statistical software package Stata (see the “Stata Videos” tab in the main menu), and hope to continue to add more videos in the future. Additionally, I’ve created a variety of group activities for undergraduate research methods (see below for an example of a few slides for an active learning module on sampling designs). If you are interested in using any of the materials found on this site, or if you have ideas for possible extensions, feel free to contact me.

Sampling design class activity